National Council Gambling

In the month of August, 2005, the Singapore Government appointed the national council on problem gambling as part of this country's national interest to address issues relating to the problem of gambling. The primary function of this organization is to create public awareness regarding online gambling. It has also the power to even bar the people from casinos under the Singapore Casino Control Act. By virtue of this Act, NCPG may comprise of 20 members including its chairman, who is also appointed by Minister for Community Development, Youth & Sports. The members of this council also include representatives from legal, corporate, clinical treatment, research, religious and counseling fields.

This council performs various functions. Firstly, it provides advice as well as feedback to the aforementioned ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports regarding programs on public education with respect to gambling. Secondly, it decides on the funding of applications regarding rehabilitative and preventive programs. Thirdly, it advises and assesses the work of the government on effectiveness of treating, rehabilitating and counseling programs. Lastly, it also decides on the applications for excluding persons from online casinos. This council also has authority to prepare, vary and also revoke exclusion orders of casino and it is only needed to maintain proper list of the people those who are not allowed in the casinos by way of this exclusion order. Additionally, the council provides access to valuable guides and info for players that can help them identify problematic online casino sites and prevent being scammed out of their money. Use their resources to have a safe and stress-free online gambling experience.

This procedure of exclusion can be of three kinds: voluntary self-exclusion, third-party exclusion and lastly, family exclusion. This council automatically approves the applications for the self-exclusion and ban may get lifted after the lapse of a year once an individual informs council regarding intention of revoking order. Under family exclusion, family members prevent immediate relatives from entering casino, if any serious problem causes harm. Serious harm is caused when someone gambles irresponsibly for three months and does not look after the welfare and needs of the family.